Super Senior’s Club

Welcome to the 2022 season of Super Senior’s Golf!

Greg Guarneros and Gene Anderson will be heading up the committee that will run all the tournaments this year. As usual, most of the tournaments allow you to play with the players with whom you enjoy playing. To participate in any of the tournaments, you must have a valid USGA handicap. If you don’t have one, you must post three (3) 18 hole scores from any golf course starting March 15, 2022 or from last year.

Sign up for tournaments will be the same as last year. An email will be sent out 2 weeks prior to the scheduled tournament. If you want to play, you will email the tournament chairman by the indicated date and let him know you want to play. A tee sheet will be put together and sent to everyone who has signed up. Each golfer must then call the Pro Shop by the indicated date to pay your green and cart fees. This will be done on a credit card. The $5.00 entry fee will also be charged on your credit card.

Also, we would encourage you to contact your friends that qualify (60 years and older and who meet all other requirements of a regular Men’s Club member) and ask them to join us.

We are an extension of the Indian Tree Men’s club and therefore subject to all the rules of the men’s club. We also must apply for membership using the 2022 Men’s Club Application. Please submit the application and dues prior to March 15th. Application and dues are to be completed via credit or debit card on Indian Tree Men’s Club website at


Chairman: Greg Guarneros

Senior Advisor: Vic Kline – (303) 430-7557
Assistant Senior Advisor: Bill Peterson – (303) 217-1694

Committee Members:

Gen Anderson – (303) 466-8787

Harry Swinhart – (303) 425-6187

John E. Johnson – (303) 420-1821

Harry Goff – (303) 246-6622

Stan Pivic – (720) 987-6034


Indian Tree Men’s Club Website CLICK HERE

2022 Super Seniors Tournament Schedule