Women’s Club

General Information

Membership in the Indian Tree Women’s Golf Club will be open to any woman eighteen (18) years of age or over. 18 Hole Women play on Wednesday, 9 Hole and Par-3 Women play on Tuesday. A prospective member may submit an application and check, together with her established handicap to the membership chairperson. If she does not have an established handicap, she must submit (in TOTAL) five (5) 18-hole score cards for the 18-hole group. Handicap must not exceed forty (40), for the 18 Hole Club. She must submit ten (10) 9 hole score cards for the 9 Hole Club (which must be signed, dated and attested) to the handicap chairwoman within 60 days of her application, or if application is received before start of play APRIL 1, 60 days after the start of play April 1. She will not be considered a member until scores are turned in and handicap established. The Par-3 Club has no score qualifications.

For more information visit: http://coloradowomensgolf.org

Indian Tree 18 Hole women’s league plays every Wednesday from April through October. We welcome new members to join with all levels of golf abilities. Contact
any of the league officers if you have any questions. Thank you.


Chairwoman  Marla Straw marla.straw@yahoo.com 303-657-0784  720-203-3536
Asst. Chair Lynne Smith lasmith500@comcast.net 303-726-9773
Secretary Beth Whyman bobwhy@comcast.net 303-424-3884
Treasurer Kathy Essig kathleen.essig@comcast.net 303-404-2928 303-886-8352
Rules Jan Carter jancarter303@comcast.net 303-666-1105
Handicap Shirley Hanson 303-422-5298
Tournaments Jeanne Rhinesmith 303-918-7856


Download 2017 Women’s 18 Hole Application


Chairwoman Marsha Barber marshabarber1@gmail.com 303-517-1724
Assistant Chairwoman Shirley Stapp diamondsquares@outlook.com 303-422-6359
Treasurer Jeanne Gallegos jeannegal25@comcast.net 720-883-1853
Communications Carolyn Barber cleeb44@gmail.com 720-470-1604
Golf Genius Manager Terri Fabrizio spinner267@gmail.com 720-938-6845
Handicaps Terri Fabrizio spinner267@gmail.com 720-938-6845
Membership Marsha Barber marshabarber1@gmail.com 303-517-1724
Prizes Terri Fabrizio spinner267@gmail.com 720-938-6845
Social/Shot Guns Lindsay Bullot libladyco@gmail.com 720-936-2139
Shirley Stapp diamondsquares@outlook.com 303-422-6359
Sunshine Shirley Stapp diamondsquares@outlook.com 303-422-6359
Weekly Games &
Tee Times
Mary Hagen-Drummond


Download 2018 Women’s 9 Hole Membership Application


Co-Chairwomen Nancy Graeve ngraeve@msn.com 303-909-0894
  Darlene Pedotto  darlinepedtto@aol.com 303-420-0204
Secretary Donna DeVisser donnadevisser@msn.com 303-979-8205  
Treasurer Vicki Johnson vicki_johnson@g.com 303-420-1732 303-506-0639
Handicaps Nancy Murray murrayne@aol.com 303-456-9717  
Membership Pat Finley pfinley00@msn.com 303-425-0804  
Pairings – Tourn. Jean Shirley jeanskico@gmail.com 303-458-6472  
Rules Marlene Rogalla coldak97@msn.com 720-626-3560  
Social Jo Poe jopoe69@comcast.net 303-420-6593 720-363-2617
  Cheryl Murray ashadeup@comcast.net 303-437-0970  
  Sally Ronholdt sronholdt@comcast.net 303-420-6251
Sunshine Jo Schubert- Dreher schubert2468@gmail.com 303-424-1931
Winnings Janet Parker rainboe@ecentral.com 303-242-7698


Download 2018 Women’s Par 3 New Member Application